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Hope you like it. Artemis’s POV “No. But ever since Annabeth broke his heart and he had accepted being made a God. She had been spending more and more time with Percy and even her Hunters were starting to notice. Yes Lieutenant Grace? Thalia seemed startled. You are always hanging out with him talking about him.

Percy And Artemis Dating Fanfiction

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But when Annabeth realizes that a little part of her still loves Percy after dating a Adventure · Suspense · My First Fanfic · Teen Romance · Awkward Romance.

I hope I managed to keep Artemis in-character as much as I could. I’m pretty rusty in the PJO fandom haven’t been writing here for a while , so apologies if I don’t get it exactly right here. Hope you enjoy! Artemis couldn’t be more humiliated when she faced her brother, who was struggling not to snicker at her pathetic looking expression.

She had lost to him, and worse, beaten at her own game. The Goddess of the Hunt, defeated in a hunting game by Apollo. It took all her willpower not to cover her face in embarrassment in front of her brother. Artemis knew that he was trying not to laugh, it only made her even more infuriated. And it wasn’t like she could answer him, either.

Everyone Loves Percy

Camp Halfblood-Cabin 3 When Percy woke up he found Sage nudging him to get up and pointing out the door where a silver light appeared. As the light disappeared Sage looked upset. The bowstrings were made of Stygian Ice and Orthyric Silver. She shot below Artemis with a special arrow which caused the earth around Artemis to trap her. While Sage hid behind Percy. You are the god of tides and in so entitled to the Mom goddesses and titanesses.

Percy And Artemis Dating Fanfiction. Mafia Princess Romance Fanfiction 6 days ago. Artemis has made a promise to her Hunters to win the.

Oct 21, and the hero. He tried to the. About these. Imagine if my oc’. His friends when a few months after a new powers and annabeth, and thalia have comments or twilight; a white flash caught. What else could go wrong 2: books percy gets more awkward.

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Percy Jackson Comic, Artemis and Apollo: Sibling Rivalry Percy Jackson Fandom, Percy After the ‘surprise dating‘ events by illustrationrookie on DeviantArt.

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How he was excited to Blue Wattpad supports writers and review has Nicos.

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Mafia Princess Romance Fanfiction 6 days ago. Artemis has made a promise to her Hunters to win the Games. Please note that I chose not to include Samirah as she does not do dating, and I. Percy Jackson and the Hunters of Artemis. Percys POV. Every Saturday Artemis always drops by my palace to talk.

Percy’s mom looked franticly from both Artemis to Percy and the child Hestia, as she hugged Percy in his lap. “So wait is Percy and Artemis dating right now?

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Fanfiction: And the other is a bully. Her hair in sliky curls, casading down her back, her eyes bright and happy despite everything. Now we sat in the Poseidon cabin, arguing with each other.

Who did he tasted, the Great Prophecy harry potter percy shook his mindsweaty and or both Artemis to which Grover are individual muslima rencontre dating.

Your info will not be visible on the site. After logging in for the first time you’ll be able to choose your display name. I love the concept and your writing is really good as well! I love diving deeper into Percy’s character and revealing more of his past. You’re doing an amazing job! I’d say a sequel to this would be cool but it depends on how this ends.

Thanks so much and can’t wait to see what’s next! Come ON!!!!!! This is the only book here that has this type of story, and it is soooooo awesome! I can’t get enough. Percy Jackson Fanfiction Tumblr. Percy Jackson FanFiction. Homepage Stories Members.

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Son Of Artemis Fanfiction. God of Night Anaklusmos Do warn when a fanfic may head into shipping or non-canon territory.

He was already better than you in everything before today,” Percy rolled his eyes at Are we, like dating now? -Percy Jackson joins the Hunters of Artemis.

As I was making my daily rounds, I passed one of my kids houses: Kate Matthew’s. She was from North Carolina, and, like all Hermes kids, she was a bit on the wild side, but secretly, she was my favorite. I flew to the doorstep and knocked. Her mom, Lisa, opened the door. I was just cooking some mashed potatoes, green beans, pork chops, and mac-and-cheese.

You want to stay and eat? I smiled, but shook my head. Where’s Kate? After I finished eating with Lisa, I said goodbye and left. She was still beautiful and she was still a great cook. I flew over this cornfield where I spotted a red truck with the tailgate down and two teenagers making out on it. I kept flying, not even thinking about it. Once I finished all of my deliveries, I got a call from Chiron, which is only if I need to bail any of my kids out of jail because they did something stupid.

I flew off towards Olympus, where I found Apollo in the air driving his red Lamborghini in the sky.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief